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I serve all of the counties in Northwestern PA including Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence, Butler, Venango, Warren, Forest, Clarion, Jefferson, McKean, Elk, Clearfield, Cameron, and Potter.

There is no fee unless I get money for you. I represent you on a contingent fee basis, which means that I get paid only if we win or settle your case, and you are awarded money or benefits.

My fee will begin only if litigation is needed. For workers’ Compensation the contingent fee is 20% of your benefits, but this fee does not kick in until a Judge awards it, which is only when litigation is necessary to protect your benefits.

If a claimant is receiving benefits from an insurance carrier, in all probability the insurance carrier will at some point try to stop or reduce the claimant’s benefits. This can be done by it simply issuing a Notice that it is changing the benefits or by Agreement with the claimant, or through litigation through filing a petition with the Court. IF you receive any document from the insurer it is within your best interests to have it reviewed by an attorney to make sure how it will affect your benefits. If the insurer is doing nothing wrong, then there is no need to challenge the document so there is no fee. But if the document is wrong, the document should be challenged. Only an attorney has the knowhow necessary to preserve your benefits.

Yes. You must file a Claim Petition with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. First you must report your injury within 120 days of your injury, unless your injury is from repetitive use of a body part, then it is 120 days from the date you last worked. If you reported your injury you have 3 years to file a claim petition from the date of your injury. Attorney Vendetti has represented many claimants who needed to file claim petitions. Attorney Vendetti charges no fee unless he wins your claim petition. Therefore, there is no risk in you calling Attorney Vendetti for your free meeting today.

Yes. Not all attorneys are experienced in workers’ compensation law. The PA Workers’ Compensation Act is very complex, with many pitfalls for an injured worker who is not represented. Attorney Vendetti has represented many injured workers, and knows the Act very well. He does not treat his clients as numbers or dollar amounts as larger firms may, but is accessible, and regularly available to directly speak to his clients. Choosing the wrong attorney who does not know the Act well, or does not have the time to speak to his clients could result in you receiving fewer benefits than you are entitled, or no benefits at all. Call Attorney Vendetti today for your free meeting.

Yes, you should be represented by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Attorney Vendetti gives free consultations and legal advice as a lawyer in Erie, PA. He works on a contingent fee basis, which means that he will receive a percentage of your benefits only if litigation is necessary to protect your benefits. He will review your claim for free, review all documents and make sure you are receiving the benefits you should be by law. There is no fee for this. Attorney Vendetti will monitor your claim, and there is no fee until litigation is necessary to protect your benefits.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is an extremely complicated law. Insurance companies know this Act very well, and how to take advantage of injured workers who are not represented by an attorney. There are certain documents that if filled out wrong, or that are signed will end a claimant’s benefits even though benefits should not be ended. Having an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law and personal injury law will ensure that you receive all the benefits and money you are entitled to under the law. It puts you on an even playing field with the insurance companies.

Absolutely! Many times an insurance company will deny a claim because they know a claimant will simply not pursue the claim and they avoid paying benefits. Once again, my consultations are free, so if you think you suffered an injury but are not receiving benefits it is important for you to call me as there are time limits for filing a claim.

Part A: You may be able to sue if the driver who caused your injuries is driving a car not registered in Pennsylvania or was charged with a DUI (driving under the influence), which caused the car accident in Erie, PA. If this is the case then you should call our experienced car accident attorney, Attorney Vendetti, who will be able to investigate the matter and advise you as to whether you are restricted from bringing suit.

Part B: If the wrongful driver does not fall into one of the exceptions outlined above, you may still be able to file suit for damages against the other driver if you sustained serious impairment of body function, or permanent serious disfigurement? There is no list of injuries which fall into these categories, so it is within your best interests to call Attorney Joe Vendetti for your free meeting. Attorney Vendetti will review your case, and investigate whether you are able to file suit to recover unpaid medical bills, loss of income, property damage, suffering and pain.

No. As a car accident attorney in Erie, PA, Attorney Vendetti charges no fees unless he receives money for you. He works on a contingent fee basis, which means that he only will receive a percentage of any awards of damages you receive. If you receive no damages, you owe no money to Attorney Vendetti.
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