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PA Workers’ Compensation – Course and Scope of Employment Case – Marazas v. WCAB

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Marazas v. WCAB No. 337 C.D. 2014, (Pa. Cmwlth, 2014)

In this case, the Court determined that the claimant was within the course and scope of his employment under Section 301(c) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (77 P.S. 411(1), when, after the claimant told his manager that he quit his job he was injured before exiting the employer’s premises.  Prior to going leaving he was directed by his manager to remove personal items from a company vehicle, under his supervisor’s supervision.  As he was doing this he slipped and fell, injuring himself.  The Court determined that he was within the course and scope of his employment because at the time of his injury he was furthering his employer’s interests.

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